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Light of Zion

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Prayer Requests






                                Please e-mail me with any prayers requests. 

                                               We will pray for your needs




If you would like them posted so others may pray, just let me know
 and they will be posted here.
              Susan needs prayer to be covered by the full armor of God for protection from all who
                would harm her.
                Please pray for Y. to have much sleep, shalom and to find the Godly man to be
                her husband; one who will love her and be her help-mate.
                  James is need of financial help. He needs specific help for his daughters to be able to
               have the financing they need to continue their education. Please pray that he will have
               much new success with his job and his family will be cared for. And for their protection.
                   Please pray for generational curses to be broken and the restoration of N's family.
               Please pray for reconciliation between Mary A. and her husband. May He return to Messiah.      
                 Please pray for M to be protected from her husband and be able to return to Israel with her
               children. Pray that God will reveal Himself to her and her husband so they will know that
               Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel.
                 T and J need prayers for food and all provisions and to be able to serve
         Yeshua with an upright heart. They would like to be blessed with 3 children, and for L and T
               to be blessed with gifts of science and wisdom. 

                  Please pray for complete healing for Steve and that he will know that Yeshua is the Messiah

              of Israel. Also please pray for his friend Cheri to stay strong and have the right words to   speak.

                    Wayne.J. needs help! They are in danger of losing their home and even becoming

                   homeless. They are seeking Adonai's will for their lives and want to follow in His ways.

                   Please pray He will rescue this family and reveal His will. 


                    Please pray that Adonai will heal Vincent of his high blood pressure and return his

                   kidney function to normal. And may He give him  His shalom.










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